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The Power to Speak: Feminism, Language, God

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In a calm, sustained style, the author breaks new ground in the ongoing feminist theological pilgrimage, one that will make traditionalists squirm and liberationists cheer. 'Choice' In 'The Power to Speak', Rebecca Chopp offers an exhilarating defense of feminist theology as proclamation and good news for all. Arguing for a critique and transformation of language, subjectivity, and politics, this thoughtful, engaged book opens new directions in feminist thought. Elizabeth Fox-Genovese A provocative treatment of feminist theology's deepest potential to transform the discipline through language. 'WATERwheel' Rebecca Chopp is developing an original theological position. Her interpretation of Christian faith and Christian theology as having to do primarily with 'emancipatory transformation' breaks through the individualistic pietism of modern liberalism as well as the provincialism of many of the liberation theologies. 

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